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Reservation center0460-85-5331

Open 9:00~18:007 days a week

Ichinoyu Honkan

90 Tonosawa, Hakone-machi, Ashigara-shimogun, Kanagawa 250-0315, Japan

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Address : 90 Tonosawa,Hakone-machi,Ashigara-shimogun,Kanagawa 250-0315,Japan

Train and bus

Tokyo ~ Odawara(Shinkansen)40min.
Osaka ~ Odawara(Shinkansen)3hours and 14min.
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< Odakyu line >
Shinjyuku ~ Hakone Yumoto(Romance car) 90min
Odawara ~ Hakone Yumoto(Hakone Tozan Line)15min
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< From Hakone Yumoto >
Please take Hakone tozan bus(bound for Tougendai : 桃源台)and get off the bus at Kami-tonosawa :上塔ノ沢. It takes 3min and costs 170yen. After that, get back the main street for 1min. You will find Ichinoyu Honkan on your left.


< From Tokyo >
By Tomei high way Atsugi IC, in way of Odawara Atsugi way, it takes about 4 km from Hakoneguchi IC.
< From Nagoya >
By Tomei high way Gotemba IC, in way of Otome Touge, it takes about 1 hour as far as Hakone Tonosawa.
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Spa association shuttle bus is also available at Hakone yumoto station.

The bus is "C"marked and Orange colored. It runs every 30 mins from 2:15pm to 5:45pm and costs 100yen.