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What's New

We decided to increase in the number of beds at Susukinohara Ichinoyu in August 2019.

【Susukinohara Ichinoyu Annex】
◆Guest room 29 rooms  All rooms with private open air bath
◆Maximum capacity 68 people

【About Susukinohara Ichinoyu】
We opened Susukinohara Ichinoyu 
as a new flagship store of Ichinoyu group, at the best location 
close to the popular tourist spot “Susukinohara”.

It has been a year and a half since opening
as a popular hotel with outdoor natural hot spring bath in all 38 rooms,
more than 30,000 guests stayed at Susukinohara Ichinoyu.

Currently the inbound ratio of Ichinoyu group is 40% and
moving towards the “2019 Rugby World Cup” 
and “2020 Tokyo Olympic Games”.

Looking ahead to increase the demand for inbound 
as a tourism-oriented country, we decided to in the number of beds 
in August 2019.