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We have 7 hotels in Hakone area.
And, we are challenging to have guests enjoy our hotel.
We regard "Low price" "Light-hearted" "Convenience" as our motto.

Come in the Japanese traditional atmosphere !
ICHINOYU' opened in 1630 as a pioneer in the hot spring hotel industry of Hakone.
Above as you can see, 'ICHINOYU' was even painted by the famous UKIYOE painter - Ando Hiroshige. Here in the traditional environment, you'll be sure to enjoy the Japanese culture to the full.

Tonosawa area

Ichinoyu Honkan

One of the most traditional hotel

Ichinoyu Shinkan

The RYOKAN has its own hot spring resource.

Tonosawa QS

Western style river side hotel

Ashinoko area

Ashinoko Ichinoyu

The hotel accessible for Ashinoko

Sengokuhara area

Daihakone Ichinoyu

The hotel acceptable for dogs

Shinanoki Ichinoyu

The hotel which has two spas

Susukinohara Ichinoyu

All rooms have private open-air bath.